Camphouse Country Landscaping has a single goal and that is to provide a safe environment for residential and commercial customers!

Camphouse Country Landscaping has all the knowledge and resources to handle all of your snow management needs. We take great pride in giving our customer the best possible experience at competitive pricing.

When blizzard conditions hit, Camphouse Country Landscaping has you covered when it comes to providing a plan that calls for additional staff and equipment, as we have state-of-the-art tracking systems to have the appropriate staff and equipment available to provide you with the best possible service available.

Whether a home or a large shopping mall, we get the job done in a timely manner the first time. Camphouse Country Landscaping is a leader in Snow and Ice Management . Utilizing cost-efficient late modal equipment, which is professionally operated by our friendly well-trained staff. This assures that our service is performed efficiently, timely and safely. 


Snow and Ice Management

Ice Control 

​We have state of the art salt spreaders for large parking lots, walk ways, or driveways. At your request we can apply salt or calcium chloride, both melting agents, after the removal of snow. This will ease the likely hood of slipping or falling.

Commercial Snow Removal

​Our commercial grade equipment is designed to meet all your snow removal needs. Our Snow Tracking system assures you we will have enough equipment available to serve mounting needs as the storm approaches, during the storm and after.

Snow Relocation 

Upon continued heavy snowfall, the need to haul the excess snow may be necessary. If needed, we have the fleet and equipment to remove the snow from your premises.
Residential Snow Removal

We pay attention to detail in servicing our residential customers. We will remove the snow as if your driveway was ours, clearing the entire width of the driveway and sidewalks. In addition, we will remove snow off stoops, away from front doorways, and away from your mailbox.​